Home of the Mandarin

Holmfirth Riverside

This gives an idea of the area in which the Mandarin featured in my previous post was located – it was with a small flock of ‘municipal Mallards’, at the point where the end of the visible path meets the river in this picture.  It didn’t look much of a place to me, but bearing in mind its heritage, I guess this may be quite near to that of it’s natural habitat – rather than the open lakes we might normally see it on?




I can’t remember the last time I saw a Mandarin Duck, well I can now it was yesterday, but before that…..   Completely unexpected, I was just walking beside a small river that runs through the town of Holmfirth, West Yorkshire and there it was.  I couldn’t get very close as it kept wandering away from me, so this is the limit of reasonable resolution of my gear.   As it happens there were two Dippers too – doing the chasing each other about thing that wild creatures do this time of year.