Bridge Revisited

The river has gone down now, back to what I consider normal levels – so I dropped down this morning to satisfy my mind and to take a few pictures.

Taken square on to the pillar the first shot shows the banked road quite well – the concrete bar parallel to the bottom of the road.  Part of my initial misgivings was about the not horizontal bar, but I’m happier, now as I can see that makes sure there is similar rigidity at the top of each of the constituent pillars – if it was level the pillar on the right would have  greater flexibility, which wouldn’t be a good idea for the stability of the road surface.

This a picture of the road above the pillar.  What isn’t particularly obvious is the gentle curve in the road at this point – unfortunately I couldn’t find a shooting position which would show this more clearly.

The two carriage ways are more or less the same height but because of the tilt (banking) of the road, the cars in the fast lane (next to the centre) of the near side carriageway are higher than the fast lane going in the opposite direction.

A view down the centre of the two carriage ways, showing the relative heights of the two fast lanes.   Another interesting point, shown in part here, is that the pillar construction of left hand carriageway is different to that of the right, which has a solid construction.   It may be that the two carriageways were built at different times.  I remember the road here used to be a dual carriage way (two lanes in each direction), but now it’s a motorway (three lanes in each direction).

Well, I’m bored with that now.  Time to move onto something else…..ish.