And Then There Were Two


This is a replica of ‘Stephenson’s Rocket’ placed in the Main Hall at the National Railway Museum, York.  I don’t believe this is a working model, however…….


this one was sitting outside on the tracks, so I can only presume this one is a functioning version – it certainly looked the part.


Red Red Wheels

A train from China – Chinese Government Railways Steam Locomotive 4-8-4 KF Class No 7.


Mallard ‘n’ Milk

Mallard at the National Railway Museum York, England

I quite liked the juxtaposition of the utilitarian Milk Wagon against the Mallard, holder of the World Speed Record for steam trains.

Mallard at the National Railway Museum York, England

Can you imagine the steam power need to drive this thing and 7 coaches at a speed of a little over 125mph! (I learn from Wiki that the train and coaches weighed in at some 240 tons!).  I would have liked to get a proper picture of the train but it was off to one corner and it looked as if it was due to leave the display shed – or had just been shunted back in.   The day I went the museum was packed, I believe many local schools  were on holiday, so it would have been difficult to leap a fence without causing subsequent problems for museum staff – on a quieter day I might have looked for permission.




View in National Raliway Museum York

I was standing, chatting with my lad about what he was sketching at the NRM and I just happened to notice this rather random view – it appealed to me, so I photographed it.  I think it was something about the lighting (isn’t it always).



Steam Train Name Plates at NRM in York

As many know, I like to spend time taking pictures in and around local parish churches in England.  One of the features of many of the churches is the placing of memorials on the walls.  Some can be 100s of years old.  At a recent trip to the National Railway Museum (NRM) in York, North Yorkshire, I was taken by this particular display of steam train name plates – are these not the same thing – memorials to those that have passed on?  I thought there were an apt link to a short series taken at the NRM.  (I did think of ‘framing out’ the steam train funnel, but then better judgement prevailed!)

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