Plumpton Rocks

My previous post, “Forgotten“, was taken at a private woodland park called Plumpton Rocks, (though, formally known as Plompton Rocks), near Harrogate, North Yorkshire.  It’s open to members of the public for a small entrance fee, at weekends during the summer months .  Originally, a garden designed around a man made lake in an area of rocky outcrops, it needs to have some love and care spent on it, I feel, to bring it back to it’s former glory.  The area would benefit from some considered scrub trimming and removal of some native trees to allow more space for the specimen trees to come to the fore.  The lake is silting up badly too, but there are some large fish in it, in particular Carp to 30 lbs.

An intriguing feature on some of the Sandstone rocks around the lake is the presence of ‘scratch marks’ down the faces of some of the vertical drops

I like to think of them as having been made by Dinosaurs – a scratch post if you will, as a Cat or Bear might use today.   Disappointingly, perhaps, the marks are made by dripping water that has worn the stone to form the grooves – so I have been advised by a gentleman who carried out a geological experiment on a similar rock face, over the period of 10 years, which showed marks like these, although not quite so pronounced.  I’d have thought the marks would have been made over 100s of years but it seems they could have been made over just a few decades.

(If anyone asks me, I’m going to keep to my Dinosaur scratch post story. 😉 )