The Far Bank


I’m not sure there’s any fishing allowed in the reservoir, but this spot is one I would have chosen in my days when I was a keen angler. (I still have all the gear in the garage, but it might take some sorting out!).

I know we tend to go for perfect reflections but on balance I think I prefer the ones like this, where the water is just moving gently and a slightly longer shutter speed gives a more satin like texture.


By The Water


Went out for a short trip to check the new new alternator was working properly in the car – destination decided as a revisit for a shot I wanted to retake.  Took this while I was there  – another of what seems to be my ‘location of the moment’ – Thrusscross Reservoir in North Yorkshire.  This one from the roadway that crosses the dam.


Bath House Revisited


I walked along the local river at the weekend – on the lookout for any wildlife.   Didn’t see anything unusual, but took a shot of the Bath House with its reflection on the River Wharfe.


Autumn III – Georgian Bath House


This rather unassuming building is a Georgian Bath House.  Designed for cold baths, it was built before 1824, it has been taken into care by the Wetherby Town Council.