At the reservoir featured in my recent posts, this angler was doing the fly-fishing thing.  I’m guessing he was after Rainbow or Brown trout, I don’t know how the water stocked.

From a composition point of view, I guess it’s really a picture of two halves, but as I wanted to give a wider feel for his environment, I left it as I took it – I have others which ‘zoom in’ on the angler a bit more, but then they lose all context and the location could be any piece of water.


Across the Reservoir


The day was still when we set out, we were hoping to pick up some nice reflections at one of the local reservoirs (Fewston), but we found the wind across the higher ground was creating sufficient ‘chop’ to mask what there was.  We ended up walking all the way round the reservoir, (about 3.7m/6km), far further than our normal trips which tend to be less than a mile (not far, but our purpose is photography not walking).


Up and Down Gill

I believe this is Grimes Gill which is a feeder to the Leighton Reservoir in North Yorkshire.



Thruscross Variations

Thought I’d add a few views from Thruscross Reservoir to give a flavour of the types of environment a walker would pass through in a trip round it.


Reservoir Walk


The owners of Thruscross Reservoir, Yorkshire Water, maintain a footpath round the perimeter of the reservoir for use by the public – though, in truth, a footpath would probably develop over time, as people would probably take the right anyway.  At least now the footpath is managed and it encourages people to follow it, rather than set up a myriad of tracks.


It’s a reasonable walk all the way round (a little over 4 miles, I think), which can easily take all morning/afternoon if you dawdle, like I generally do when I’m out with my camera.  Of course, being a body of water there’s no short cut, you either go back the way you came or go all the way round!


Thruscross Reservoir Dam


Near to Harrogate, North Yorkshire, England, Thruscross Reservoir sits in the Washburn Valley. The village of West End was flooded as part of the filling. Three further reservoirs exist downstream.

Dam_MG_0430Looking down from above.

Continuation downstream of the Washburn.

Dam_MG_0439This view, because I’ve shot it against a light sky, belies just how black and forbidding the water looks from the upside of the dam.   A particularly windy day (perishing) has given the water a fair chop.