Calm Sea 2

What did I say in my previous ‘Calm Sea’ post…. maybe the North Sea is calmer than I give it credit for.

As a matter of interest, the contrived composition is deliberate – I waited for the small white ripple of the gently breaking surf to reach just the point it has.  You may find the small patch of white is the thing that pulls your eye.  Looking at the post, you will see that little patch of white, annoying isn’t it?  Small patches of white are ‘dangerous’ in images, especially if they are not part of your subject/composition – they will draw your eye.  In this case, I feel, the little patch of white balances the heavy post, effectively legitimising the negative space and drawing your eye into the picture.

Calm Sea

Like any sea, the North Sea can be a cruel place, the life of many a fisherman has been lost.  In the old days, in my late teens and early 20s, I was quite a keen beach fisherman and I’ve fished in all sorts of weather, but I think this is the calmest I’ve seen it – though ‘calmness’ only applies to the state of the swell and surf.  Just as dangerous, though all but invisible to the casual glance, is the speed of the tide running along the coast – it can rip through at a significant rate – because of this, I’ve never chosen to swim in the sea along the East Coast.

Very dark seaweed covers the foreshore in this spot – it is very, very slippery.