Proud Mum


This one is quite a young lamb but the field contained lambs that had only just been born and some that had been around the field for a couple of months, by the look of it.  The older one were doing that joyful gambolling about thing they do.


A Moment’s Pause


Near my home, the farmer has been growing Turnips (or some such) as a winter crop for sheep. Recently, he has introduced a flock to the field, carefully fencing a small section off which was harvested by the sheep before widening the area a little more.  This sheep was taking a moment’s pause in it’s toil of eating to enjoy what little heat there is in the winter sun.  Whether these sheep are for the slaughter-man or are pregnant ewes I can’t say, but I’d have thought fattening was the likely purpose.  They do look a pitiful sight, the field is now very muddy and the weather has been wet and miserable – I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few go down with footrot.



Following on from an earlier post of a ram, a few covered sheep.  Lighting was pretty flat, but the oak trees across this patch of countryside gave a great backdrop, so made a nice little exercise in trying to put together a composition or two, trying to get the sheep and trees to ‘work’ together.


Sheep in Lion’s Clothing?


I have no idea how this sheep got itself into this mess, the rest of the flock seemed to have a full fleece, but it amused me when I saw it, the remains of the fleece looking just like a lion’s mane.

(Not quite sharp, a bit of camera shake/subject movement – 1/6sec exposure, as I was shooting at f16 – I was doing some landscape photographs at the time and this was a quick snap.)




I couldn’t resist taking a snap of the side of this ‘barn’.  I don’t know how old it is, but judging by the window in the upper left face it must be quite old.  I like the obvious changes/improvements that have been made over time – in particular the barred windows and the little fanlight above the door.  I like the harsh dark shadow of the tree across the face of the building, almost like some ancient cracking in the stone work.  I like the deep blue sky.  But most of all I like the sheep which just happened to be in the right place at the right time – its pose reminding me of those old paintings where a wealthy gent stood in front of his prize possession, a horse, bull or country house.