If you have to work somewhere…..


The pottery in Uig, Isle of Skye.  I wasn’t going to venture inside myself, but my daughter and wife seemed to be taking a particularly long time over their browsing.    I entered to find them at the shop counter – exchanging folding paper for paper bags stuffed with stuff they like to purchase.


Tall Ship in Town

Stavros S Niarchos

The tall ship Stavros S Niarchos is owned by the Tall Ships Youth Trust. To the left of the frame is the old Pump House and in the distance is Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral. The ship is moored next to the Maritime Museum and International Slavery Museum.   The Maritime Museum is worth a visit if you like boats…. the International Slavery Museum is worth a visit, full stop.


Too Hot for Tourism and Locals

Deliberately out of focus, as I wanted to give the impression of glaring heat.  Most of the tourists had sought out some hard shade to sit in.

And in the centre of Cordoba, not a soul to be seen (siesta).  Some extra shade being offered by the street awnings, which gave an interesting dimension to the light and shade within the scene.


Words Escaped Me

I’m not sure what this opening/doorway was about  – it didn’t seem to go anywhere.  It may very well have been a guard station.

For the most part, my inclination is to created black and white images from my digital photography of architectural details – it’s generally the subtle interplay of light and shadow that attracts me.  But, this stonework was such a subtle tone I thought I’d produce it here in colour, too – though I will readily admit the soft tones may not come across as on my monitor, especially if our monitors don’t have a similar calibration.  Nevertheless, I hope you can appreciate the delicacy of tone.

What surprised me, was the way my fellow tourists seem to simply walk past the doorway with hardly a second glance – didn’t the see it!