Lady Triathlete


This lady has already completed a river swim and she is about a mile into the cycle stage – I suspect it can feel quite intimidating to have a tractor like this behind you.  I doff my hat to her (and fellow competitors).


Cromer Tractor


This rusty old tractor is a working tractor still, used to pull little inshore fishing boats up and down the beach to launch/beach them.  The rust is, of course, the natural result of continual exposure to the salt spray and the occasional dunking.

The boats will usually be used to set and land the crab pots, a harvest for which Cromer is well famed – and speaking as one who has sampled many a Cromer crab, well worth the reputation!  I remember spending some of my formative years sucking the flesh out of a fresh crab, before I had the strength to use a pair of nutcrackers to bust them open.  Served with a touch of pepper and salt, a dash of vinegar – much too good for children.