Wind Turbine

As I was photographing the wind turbine the blades were rotating slowly, so I had time to watch them take up different profiles against the sky.  It occurred to me that in the ‘two blade up, one straight down’ position it reminded me of a shape I’d seen somewhere else – on  a statue in Scarborough, (North Yorkshire).


Back home I looked up one of the images I’d taken of the statue and could see straight away that my memory was somewhat flawed, nevertheless I found it an interesting reminder how our memory can be triggered by our perception of shapes. Statue_MG_5460


Through the Ages


In the middle distance, just over the dry stone wall is “John O’Gaunt’s Castle”, supposedly a hunting lodge within the hunting ground known as Knaresborough Forest in North Yorkshire.   O’Gaunt had use of the lodge until about 1399.  All that remains are a few foundations and the ditches and moat that surrounded it.  To the right is an abandoned farm, how old it is, I don’t know, but it’s certainly of some age.  In the foreground is an interesting gate post. And in the background the wind turbine ‘farm’ next to Penny Pot Lane, just outside Harrogate.



Wind Turbines

Off-shore on Scroby Sands, off Gt.Yarmouth. England

Knabs Ridge, nr Harrogate, North Yorkshire

And a nuke for good measure

Sizewell B, Suffolk

As a matter of interest, Sizewell A stopped generating electricity in 2006.  Defuelling will finish in 2013 and the final site clearance is planned for 2088-89.