re. Awards

Amazingly, I have had the privilege of being nominated for various blogging awards.  Now, while I am extremely flattered by the thought behind the idea that I deserve some sort of reward, I really don’t do that sort of thing.  It’s not in my nature.  I’m happy enough with somebody simply letting me know they like my blog with a simple click of the like button or perhaps the graciousness of a few words.  Simple acknowledgement is all I would ask, nothing more.

So thanks again to anyone who considers my blog worthy of some higher recognition, but I would prefer if you simply passed me by as far as that’s concerned

Many, many thanks

Highest regards

Stephen G Hipperson.

31 thoughts on “re. Awards

  1. I do not regret to inform you that you could have won the “My Living Room Wall” award, where your work would hang if I could afford framed professional art. In deference to my budget, I had to give myself the award instead, albeit to an amateur who gets lucky with a camera now and then. -Dennis

    • I’m confident that you made the right decision, well done!

      Your next task, should you care to take it on, is to create a work that surpasses the work so recently successful in your “My Living Room Wall” award. And at a time convenient to yourself supplant the existing work with the new and, if you feel it appropriate, award yourself a ‘My Living Room Wall” award with bar.
      I wish you every success in your future endeavours to this end.
      Once again, WELL DONE!

      • (taking bow) Thank you, thank you. Ahem … I’m going to cheat and get a big electronic picture frame and load a bazillion pix onto it to rotate all day, dazzling the granter of my awards, and maybe one or two others. Now why don’t they just put a memory card slot into TV’s so I wouldn’t have to go out and buy another gizmo, and I’d get a BIG display of my award-winning work? Never mind answering that. We don’t want anybody to think we’re anti-capitalist. Best regards without awards. -Dennis

  2. Ah, too late! – of course I didn’t read this till I came here to nominate you. I have to admit to feeling faintly embarrassed by these awards but also feel it would be ungracious of me not to acknowledge the appreciation of my “fans.” Consider yourself denominated.

  3. Stephen,
    I have to agree with you about the awards. i really appreciate it when I am nominated but I do not really agree with them. A. because, as you say, I am simply happy people like my photos. but B. because I think that are a little like a chain letter, you get nominated and you have to nominated ten other people or what ever, and so it multiplies.

    • 🙂 B is part of my thinking. Pyramid selling. Getting towards ’email viruses’ – where you get an email and are asked to send it to 10 friends. the company I used to work with had real problems with them because they were creating more traffic than real emails. and clogging up the system.
      When somebody ‘likes’ my posts, I appreciate it may be a passing glance, an acknowledgement if you like that they have seen the post. If somebody takes the time to say a few words about one of my pictures – a compliment, critique, suggestion, a point of view, an anecdote, whatever, it means they’ve been kind enough to take time out to offer it – what more can anybody need?.

      • Quite. I am in to photography, obviously, if I say I like a photo I really like it, I will not say I like someones photos to please them and get them to like mine.
        I have been nominated a few times, I do like to thank people and have accepted them but I don’t go through all the other required actions.
        In fact having had this conversation I think I will follow your response in future.
        All the best

      • I use the ‘like’ system as an acknowledgement that I’ve looked at something. Although it might be a photograph that attracts me initially, that photograph may have technical flaws which make it a lesser picture (to my eye – very subjective as it is), I try to balance that with any prose, and what I perceive as ‘intent’. If somebody is trying to show me a view they have seen, but their presentation isn’t quite what it could be – maybe a skewed horizon – I can still appreciate what the intent is – ie to show me the scene.
        I do have some trouble in deciding whether to offer what I see as improvements that could be made to a particular image – not everyone is open to that, desires it and it’s not often made clear in the post. After all an individual wants to show me a sunset they saw, and I give them a discourse on what I would have done – ludicrous.
        On the other hand, if I see a stonking good image which might be improved by the simplest of changes, should I ‘let it go’ or should I mention it…….


  4. (…chuckle…) Gee, this is a busy topic!

    Maybe I should post a no-awards-please page on my blog, just to wake things up. Not that I would ever get any awards. Just use it for a conversation starter, as it turned out here.

    There should be an award for the blogger who inspired the greatest number of other bloggers to drop out of the frenzy of the awards network. Or to at least talk about it, which is plenty fun.

    Would be great if our blog POSTS got so much discussion, huh?

    • I’m always grateful to anybody who is prepared to pay me attention.

      Just imagine, I’ve shown a picture, or written something and somebody else has spent their valuable time glancing at it – what more could a (old) lad want? A simple tick, or, as you’ve kindly contribute here, a few words of conversation, or encouragement, or perhaps most valuable of all advice or a personal opinion – now that is ‘recognition’.

      I know a lot of people get a kick out of a more formal acknowledgement of their blogs, who am I to deny that?

  5. I totally agree with this. Particularly as someone else mentioned above, they are just another form of chain mail and therefore behave in an exponential manner. Eventually everyone will have the award. Though I do understand and appreciate the sentiment behind them. I always feel guilty when I receive one of these awards because I’m not really in to them (and so far have not partaken in them), but at the same time I don’t want to offend. Plus the chances are that when you’re looking for blogs to nominate in return, many of them will have already received the same award anyway!

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