The copyright of all images/photographs shown on my blog belongs to me – Stephen G. Hipperson.

Please do not copy or post elsewhere (which is the same thing to my mind) as it’s not nice and as far as I understand it illegal ie THE COPYRIGHT IS MINE.

All the prose I’ve put on the blog is my copyright too.

Contributions from bloggers kind enough to offer comment/advice etc belongs to them and is copyrighted to them.

‘Permission to use’ one of my images/photographs is not beyond possibility – but that can only come from me.

——Stephen G. Hipperson———

13 thoughts on “Copyright

    • One reason I put my name on all my pics. Not so much that people can’t take them off nowadays, (should they deem it worthwhile doing so to one of mine), more so that it would take a positive action to do so – they would be knowingly stealing and not be able to plead ignorance. (GGRrrrr) πŸ˜‰

      • Exactly. It’s a real point of principle with me. (I’m a journalist by training). Incidentally I sent a link to your Swinsty pix to another Yks friend as she knows it well. She may or may not comment.

  1. Sorry Stephen – i realize I just posted a photo of yours (the abstract through the water on glass from last May) I meant it only to point people in your direction. If you don’t want it on my facebook I’ll take it down right away.

  2. Stephen, if you notice on my photographs I place a semi-transparent copywrite over the top of them all. I also make the pictures a small file (sometimes only 30kb) which makes them useless to anyone who wants to use them for anything. If they tried to steal them it would take them forever to remove the copywrite and then the file is so small it would only be good to print a wallet size print. Anything else would become blurry. With that, anyone who would go to all that trouble to only get a wallet size print has to be nuts…… πŸ™‚

  3. Stephen, thanks ever so much for following my blog, Tide Line Still Life. I am thoroughly enjoying your site . . . I lived in Yorkshire for a short while many years ago, and so many of your photos not only are a feast for my eyes, they also warm my heart. Best, Maggie

    • Thank you.
      Unfortunately, my current circumstances prevents me from travelling more widely around Yorkshire, but trying to find pictures in a somewhat limited area makes me evaluate my surroundings more closely – and when I do extend my range it’s like opening a treasure box! πŸ˜‰
      I look forward to your posts arriving in my reader!

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