East Cliff


Taken from the breakwater at West Bay, Dorset, UK.

I took one shot of the cliff without the boat but immediately afterwards noticed it was heading toward the harbour entrance. Timing my exposure for when the boat got into the ‘right position’, I forgot to take account of the boat’s speed by omitting to up the shutter speed – result = motion blur.  Oh well.

(The area of the cliff is owned by ‘The National Trust’ so I may very well be asked to take the picture down.   But, as far as I’m concerned,. they will have to ask and prove I’m making some sort of commercial advantage.)


4 thoughts on “East Cliff

  1. Actually, I like the blur, if only because it gives a little sense of the speedy motion.

    I’ll send the check, by the way. Thanks for posting this. Oh, wait – no! Disregard that, good National Trust people…

    • It’s a lovely area around there.
      It’s not so much they object to people photographing their sites, they get a bit shirty when they find people flogging pictures where their sites are the principle subject, or where such pictures are on a site used for commercial purposes, although the image itself may not be for sale.

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