The Vicar’s Bike


One might wonder on the crime figures around here, if the Vicar has to go to such lengths to keep her bike safe!

At the weekend, we (Yorkshire folk) are to be visited by the Tour de France, as Stage 1 (the Grand Depart) starts  in Leeds and travels to Harrogate (190km) and the Stage 2 whose route is from York to Sheffield (201km).  Yellow bikes have appeared everywhere – interspersed with dotty ones and green ones.   Thousands of people have been trying to work out the best place to see the race – subject to the closure of roads (towing notices are appearing on all the approach roads), parking (farmers are charging £10 per day to park in fields) and the trip home.  It will mean an early start for many.



12 thoughts on “The Vicar’s Bike

  1. I have visited Sheffield a couple of times in the last few days and the city is preparing for the onslaught of visitors. We have noticed a lot of ‘Tour’ vehicles on the road too. We will be watching from the comfort of our living room! I like all the painted bikes hanging from strange places – your photo is a good representative of them all.

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