Happisburgh Lighthouse


Managed to get away for a few days in my home county of Norfolk, England.  On the coast is a village of Happisburgh – it’s lighthouse makes a useful landmark when driving around the area.  Norfolk is known for being reasonably flat (though if you ride a bike you’d soon have a different opinion!).    I should take the Crow out but I haven’t.

More info on the lighthouse can be found at the village website.


15 thoughts on “Happisburgh Lighthouse

    • Thanks for that….. I was aware that they have dredged up various evidence of the land bridge around there and further North but not the explicit fact you point out – many thanks.
      I shall be making a point of walking the beach around there when I next visit my parents – once we know of their existence we often see things when we might otherwise miss them – though it looks as if the evidence is some way below the present beach level.

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