Wind Turbine

As I was photographing the wind turbine the blades were rotating slowly, so I had time to watch them take up different profiles against the sky.  It occurred to me that in the ‘two blade up, one straight down’ position it reminded me of a shape I’d seen somewhere else – on  a statue in Scarborough, (North Yorkshire).


Back home I looked up one of the images I’d taken of the statue and could see straight away that my memory was somewhat flawed, nevertheless I found it an interesting reminder how our memory can be triggered by our perception of shapes. Statue_MG_5460


12 thoughts on “Wind Turbine

  1. You recorded the simple beauty of the wind turbines, so often denigrated as ugly in the landscape. I make sense to me that their shape reminded you of the silhouette of the swimmer on the point of jumping. Some of the photos remind me of angels, or Mercury, all messengers of the gods, making their arrival on Earth. Quite beautiful.

  2. I tried to comment last night but WordPress wouldn’t let me. I was trying to say that wind turbines add to the landscape from a photographer’s viewpoint, even though many people think they are ugly. These are great images as well.

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