Random Rural Ritual Rock?



This rock reminded me of the stones of Avebury and other prehistoric sites I have visited in the past – although this one is most certainly a natural outcrop, rather than something deliberately placed. Β I did not get a chance to make a close examination of this rock, but it is on the edge of an area where ‘Cup and Ring’ marked stones are found.

For once, conditions gave me a nice raking light which helped to show the striations on the side of the rock.


21 thoughts on “Random Rural Ritual Rock?

  1. Awesome. I love when I see a rock discovered in a building project, and the builders decide to work around it. There’s a neighborhood near me that has boulders all around it because the builders just found them there.

    Nature has an impeccable decorating eye.

  2. I particularly like the tree in the background. Couldn’t quite figure out the height of the “fence”, so the tree helped me decipher the size of the rock. Honestly, at first I thought it was only about two feet high! Looks like it is just waiting to be climbed.

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