Leafless – not lifeless


Without life of its own, this dead tree will provide food for insects and thereby birds and animals.  It will support nests and hiding places – until it is deemed  unsafe for us poor humans, when it will be taken down and disposed of.


High-Five Cop


At the recent Tour de France event in Yorkshire, people were waiting for significant periods of time for the cyclists to flash past.  This friendly motorbike policeman added a little excitement as he ‘high-fived’ youngsters when  he drove down the road.  A fair number of older ladies thought they’d get in on the act too!


There – and back again.

RedArrows_MG_8881 RedArrows_MG_8888

Walking back to my car, after spending a little while watching the Tour de France cavalcade rush past, a sudden noise made me look to my left just in time to see the Red Arrows whoosh past, on their way to do a flyover of the formal start of the race.  A mere couple of minutes later they came rushing back the other way.  If you have a camera slung over your shoulder, what are you going to do in such circumstances?