Poldenvale Lambway


On a recent walk, I saw this scale on top of some rather rusty looking ironwork. Whether the scale worked – (it was used for weighing lambs – possibly before sending them to market, or maybe for dosage of preventative medicine) – I don’t know.    It always seems a shame that farmers seem to have a tendency to allow their equipment to fall into disrepair after a period where they might have used it.  (Perhaps this one was abandoned before ebay days.)


Roman Floor, Well

Roman Floor, Well Church

Possibly the oldest artefact I’ve found in the churches I visit.  It is a restored section of flooring recovered from the foundations of a Roman Villa found nearby.  The little sign reads

” This remaining fragment of a pavement removed from the foundations of a ROMAN VILLA in the MILL GARTH in 1859 was restored by members of the BRADFORD HISTORICAL AND ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY in 1929.
Henry Cheesbrough Hunt
William Arthur Wilman
Henry Hahlen Morrish”

I particularly liked the way the peeling paint of the church walls was such a sympathetic foil for the colours in the tesserae/