Invaders from Mars


When I see a tree like this – on the edge of a ridge, with a row of fence posts running by – I  half-remember a 1950s science fiction film.  Like a dream on the edge of my memory, I only had a sketch of a scene in my mind – something about a young boy and a ridge with a tree and a fence.  This time I decided to get to the truth of my memory.  It turns out that the film is ‘Invaders from Mars”, which was released in 1953.  I haven’t had a chance to sit and watch the film through (which is available on youtube) but a quick scan of the beginning suggests my memory is flawed, or mixed with other inputs, as there is a stand of trees running up to a ridge, and not a single tree.  No matter, I will still think of the film when I see a similar scene – and, through my research, I now have another background project, which will require me to sit through a lot of science fiction films (oh dear, what a shame!).


For Apprentice Climbers?


I rarely see youngsters climbing tress nowadays. I’m sure they must do – though maybe those who might be so inclined spend more time killing aliens and various ghouls and vampires in their computer games.  Sheep and cows frequent these fields, which skirt the banks of the adjacent reservoir.


Still No Visitors


Out for a ride on my bicycle this morning, I visited a ‘derelict’ building, the door and window of which featured in an earlier post. (  I’ve missed the optimum day for the ivy by the looks of it – and it’s going to be a long wait for another opportunity!   The sun is much lower this time of year so the shadows of the trees are a bit more of a problem.