The Thames – Downstream from Tower Bridge


Although the Tower Bridge (London) is closed for repair work to the road surfaces, the small exhibition area at the top is still open.  This was shot through one of a number of small opening windows along the walkways across the top of the bridge.

(I particularly liked the mixed messages this scene seemed to give me.)


Tower of Pisa


A 20 second exposure resting my camera on a dome topped post – with the added pleasure of another tourist crouching down behind me to look at the output on the lcd screen of my camera as I was composing it.  She gave me a lovely smile and a double thumbs up when I moved on!  A touch of camera shake is obvious, nonetheless I’m quite pleased with the outcome.


A Corner of Tintagel Castle


Allegedly the place where King Arthur was conceived, under a very decidedly devious deception of his mother.