Love Lock Bridge, Bakewell. UK

100s if not 1000s of locks attached to this pedestrian bridge over the River Wye at Bakewell. The bridge takes people from the main car park to the town centre – where you can purchase the famous Bakewell Pudding – or buy another lock to add to the bridge.

—Stephen G. Hipperson—

The Reform Tower

Also known as ‘The Stanton Tower’ and ‘Earl Grey Memorial Tower’.

The tower was erected following the passing of the Representation of the People Act in 1832 – which ‘threw a spanner in the works’ of representational democracy in Parliament.

—Stephen G. Hipperson—

 Duke of York Stone

Another in my Peak District series – to one side of the stone a Crown above a capital Y and the date 1826 has been carved into the face – the exact significance of which is still a mystery to me.
More recently somebody has used painted the letters “DUPED” with black paint – again, I’m afraid the significance of this is lost on me.

—-Stephen G. Hipperson—-

Industrial History

I wasn’t sure about the contrails in this one, but I suppose they reinforce the diagonals of the winch structure.

A while since I put up a post – it’s a bit of a brain teaser trying to remember the way to do it!

—Stephen G. Hipperson—