Peaceful Contemplation

We visited Bamburgh Castle some time ago during a week’s vacation in Northumberland, UK.   I’m told it is recently famous as it was used as a location in some of the Harry Potter films – there were certainly a number of youngsters dressed up as characters from the film.

I took a few images as  you might expect, but this one sticks in my mind more than most.  We passed the window during a tour of the inside of the castle and time was limited, it was more of a snatched shot really – it would not have been safe to place a tripod, had I one with me, as there was such a volume of fellow visitors milling about.  Indeed, the light levels were so low that I did not take too many inside – flash not allowed and all that.

I really liked the contemplative nature of the scene.  Originally, I felt the photograph may have been improved had there been a small white yacht on the horizon, but on reflection it has a calmer, at peace feel about it as it is.


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