All Saint’s, Weston, North Yorkshire.

All Saint’s, Weston, North Yorkshire, a couple of miles outside my normal area of ‘Knaresborough Forest’ .  Another interesting building – again, a church that was locked, but that’s a fact of life and in the mean time I will be able to research a little more (since my visit I’ve found out there may be a small piece of masonry that should be interesting ;)).

I particularly liked the door to the entrance porch – less ecclesiastical than many church doors – made for a lesser reason no doubt.

A demonstration in ‘a little patience goes a long way’.
I was out with my usual photographic colleague.  He’s re-establishing his photographic skills, so to speak.   He knows the basic principles, (which he muddles sometimes, but that’s easily done) and I try to help him to broaden his experience and knowledge.  We just happened to be at the church at just the right time to demonstrate the value in waiting for the sun.   I often make a mental note of a scene/subject that I will return to later in the day to take benefit from the sun moving round.

Here the church was lit by the sun which just left the west wall in shade – in fact you can see where the buttress is reflecting light onto the wall where it meets.


Just by waiting a matter of minutes, we had the benefit of the sun raking down the side of the wall, bringing out the texture of the stonework nicely.   (It also indicates shows there is a significant bulge in the wall.)


At the rear of the church, there is an interesting family grave.  The head stones are made up of natural boulders with copper plaques fixed to them.  Just as I was passing I noticed that one of the boulders showed evidence of cup marks, which would have been made on the stone in prehistoric times (by all accounts) – similar to one I posted some time ago.  Somebody else must have been fascinated by the stone and decided it would make a fitting marker for the family grave.



2 thoughts on “All Saint’s, Weston, North Yorkshire.

  1. This is a great shot. I speaks volumes about the good people that chose it as a marker for a loved one, and, about the ancient soul whose work still lives and is now known, through your image, all around the world. Good eyes for capturing the beauty outside of the church as well as, hopefully someday, inside, too. Your photographs always intrigue me. Thanks for the thought you put into them and for your creative sense.

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