Water Rail


This little character is a Water Rail, one of a pair I watched at the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve at Staveley, North Yorkshire.

I’ve recently resumed my pastime of birdwatching, after an absence of several years.  A new pair of binoculars and a freshly dusted spotting scope have already been put to good use as I brush up on my recognition skills.  I’ve given myself a couple of years to get into the flow again before I get into the twitching side of things.






A dull ol’ day, but happened to spy this Redwing on my Mountain Ash tree.  If I go for my camera birds have usually flown by the time I get back to the window but this time I managed to a get a couple of shots off.


Pigeon Basket


Out on my bike yesterday, I was extending one of the routes I follow – exploring, if you will – and placed right in the path was this pigeon basket.  Used to transport racing pigeons to their release point, I can’t think how it got there, as the location would not be conducive to releasing pigeons, being next to a major motorway.  It didn’t look broken at all, so it’s unlikely to have fallen off the back of a lorry – although, of course, it might have ‘fallen off the back of a lorry’ (been stolen).  I suppose I could have carried it home on my bike but as I had no use for it – I prefer my pigeons in a pie – I left it for somebody else.  It will be interesting to see if it’s still around when I next venture out that way.