Pier Head Ferry Terminal, Liverpool

Ferry Terminal Liverpool

Seems that this particular building was another that caused a furore when it was built.  Personally. I don’t find it objectionable – to my mind we need people to push the boundaries (visionaries?), to help us see what is possible – and maybe inspire us to stretch ourselves, challenging our individual boundaries, trying something new (even if it’s simply to add a little more saturation/contrast to our photographs than we might normally apply! ;)). .



Wandering through my archive of shots I found these two.  Taken at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, they show the work of Jaume Plensa which he showed at the park a couple of years back.  Both images are of the same pair of heads.  Normally, we photographers are not so keen on grey skies but on this occasion the even tones of the sky worked really well to show the lattice in silhouette.




El Toro


I went for a short cycle ride on Friday which was an overcast day.  I nearly always carry a camera, just in case.  Happened upon this little character, all alone in a rather large field.

I might normally frame the picture to be much tighter on the animal but I was taken by the fact his ear tag seemed to be a similar colour to the rapeseed crop which was starting to flower in the distance.

As I continued on my way, along the disused rail track, I noticed the typical evidence of the passage of a cow and eventually found a field containing a larger number of cows on the opposite side of the track.  My guess is the youngster managed to get out of that field, wandered down the track and either found himself, or was driven, into his new field.Calfs_MG_2007


At the Races

A few portraits taken in the parade ring.  Taking candids in such an environment is not so easy because of the sheer confusion of people and horses going this way and that.

In my limited experience, I have found professional jockeys are usually reluctant to have their photographs taken – they almost invariably look the other way or turn their heads altogether.  One of the best places to stand is the exit from the parade ring as the riders ‘go to post’.   No longer a bastion of male domination, at least one race had a lady jockey riding.

I think most of these photographers were professional of some sort – as they had access to the course where we mere mortals are not allowed to tread during racing.   Despite our lack of access, I would recommend a visit to the races as a photography trip – but use common sense on when and where to photograph – have a care round the bookies and definitely NO FLASH – unless you want be escorted from the course in short shrift.


Jet Skis in Newcastle-upon-Tyne


Showing off to the crowd the youngsters driving these jet skis where having great fun.  Each was chaperoned by an adult and all were dressed in dry suits – it was a warm day but falling in the water would not have been too comfortable.


Better Snow


As I was returning from a short walk round town and a trip to the supermarket I encountered these two young girls.  At first I couldn’t believe what they were doing – surrounded by snow they seemed to be transporting a large snowball on their sledges.   Why?  Wouldn’t it be easier to make a snowball nearer to home?  (The thought occurred to me that if they rolled it then it would have been huge by the time they got home, but practical experience tells me that wouldn’t be possible.)  Maybe they were planning an Andy Goldsworthy art project, but no, it turns out the area they made it simply had better snow to make a large snowball from and they were then taking it home. Obviously.